Home Equity Loans

The time is right for taking out a 125% home equity loan from the 125% Internet leaders. Maybe you are ready to purchase that new dream home or possibly you are serious about refinancing or consolidating those mounting high-interest credit cards. Interest rates were historically low, and you can still cash in on your home’s equity and use the money for home improvements, buying a 2nd home and consolidating bills. You can even use the money to finance that vacation you've always dreamed of!

Find out how much you can save by eliminating your credit card interest. Consolidate your debt and lower your monthly payments now!

Home Equity Programs

* 100% LTV Debt Consolidation Loan for Less than Perfect Credit
* 100% LTV "Stated Income" (no income verification)
* 100% LTV Home Equity Loan with a Fixed Rate
* 100% LTV Equity Line of Credit with an Adjustable Rate

What Loan is Best for Your Situation?
Finance home remodeling and constructions costs with revolving home equity credit.
Purchase a car, or pay off your credit cards. Get second mortgage today.
If you still have an adjustable interest rate with your 1st mortgage, Refinance into a fixed rate mortgage, before it too late. Refinance & Save money today.
(15-yr., 30-yr. loan terms)

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We are the #1 national leader for 2nd mortgage and home equity loans for debt consolidation and making home improvements. You can consolidate your bills with a low interest home equity loan and save hundreds of dollars every month. *In addition there may tax deductions for mortgage interest up to the value of your home.

* Your Loan approval is subject to submitting an application to the mortgage lender: verification of income, employment, assets and proff of value for ownership of real property.

** Please consult a tax advisory

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