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125 Second Mortgage Loans announced new low rate 2nd mortgages for debt consolidation and home improvements at an industry low rate. Take some time to compare and evaluate our mortgages that feature simple solutions for consolidating bill and receiving money for home remodeling and more.

Second Mortgages for Consolidation
Fixed Rate 125% Second Mortgage Loans
Loans for Home Modifications
2nd Loans for Cash Back
Refinancing Plans with Stated Income Option
Flexible Lines of Credit for Construction

Apply now for a second mortgage loan for consolidating high-interest credit cards and unsecured loans!

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125 Second Mortgage Loans formed lending alliances and become wholesale brokers with lenders like, Homecomings, Chase and Nationwide in an effort to meet your growing demands for a refinance mortgage loan and consolidating credit cards into a tax deductible residential home loan.

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What Second Loan is Best for Your Situation?
Finance house remodeling and constructions costs with revolving home equity credit. Credit lines allow people to borrow money as they need it.
Purchase a second home or pay of debt with a secured loan. If you can take a 2nd mortgage out to cover the down-payment of an investment property that increases your cash flow, maybe you should. The loan options are unlimited!
If you still have an adjustable interest rate with your 1st mortgage, Refinance into a fixed rate mortgage, before it too late. Refinance & Save money today. (15-yr., 30-yr. loan terms)
Latest News - According to recent reports, 2nd loan defaults have increased dramatically in the last five years. Prior to the housing crisis, second mortgages had always performed well when extended by lenders for home repairs or purposes of bill consolidation. The National report indicated that purchase money transactions had the highest default rates. In particular the "80-20" loans saw the most defaults and the highest rate of delinquencies. Today lenders are beginning to expand the possibilities with new loan programs for borrowers seeking a refinance alternative.

Federal Reserve Keeps Existing Mortgage Rules
Conventional home mortgages with LTV ratios above 80% that currently have a 50% risk weight due to MI would have been pushed into a 75% or 100% risk weighting. In June 2012, the Federal Reserve proposed not to recognize private mortgage insurance as a compensating factor when determining the LTV (loan-to-value).